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Steam Trade Will Be Suspended On IGVault 2018-06-06 02:38:06

As we all know, some time ago Valve issued “7 Day Trade Ban”for CS:GO Skins trading, and after that PUBG Official suspends the personal item trading due to third-party item-selling sites. According to the successive significant adjustments, we have reason to belive, for the third-party skins trading market, “Winter is Coming”. 

Therefore, we need to deeply rethink the way in which skins trading is suitable for third-party platforms. During this period, we will gradually suspend the functions of trading on website and adjust our inventory. The specific work schedule is as follows:

On June 6th, 2018 : We will close the functions of deposit and list for both CS:GO and PUBG skins on IGVault, and retain only the functions of skins-purchase and skins-withdraw. (If you are a seller or a buyer who bought skins on IGVault, please take your skins asap. back to your own inventory)

On June 15th, 2018 : We will close the function of purchase for PUBG Skins.

On June 27th, 2018 : We will further close the function of skins-purchase, and retain only the function of skins-withdraw. (If you still have skins in the inventory of IGVault, please take them back asap. to your own inventory.)

On July 9th, 2018 : We will completely suspend the Steam Trade on IGVault, and the functions of skins-deposit, -list, -purchase and -withdraw will be all closed.

* The function of Cashout will remain open. Users can cashout their Balance at any time.
* Until now, PUBG official has not reopen the “personal item trade”, therefore we will keep all datas of PUBG skins in our inventories until the function of “personal item trade” has been reopened, and we will announce the news in the first time.
* At any time, when you meet problem, please contact us through our 24*7 Live Support, we will always be with you.
* Except Steam Trade, IGVault has many other Game Services, like Ingame Currency, Game CD-Keys, Game Accounts, if you have interest, you can click the following links to learn more:
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- Game
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